Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eggs Are Always A Good Choice

No Paleo/Primal Diet would be complete without Eggs.

I am going to purchase 5 dozen eggs at Giant Eagle - they have them on sale this week for $1.00 Dozen.

I'll hard boil 2 dozen to be eaten as snacks or used in salads or to make egg salad with.

The other three I'll leave fresh to be eaten throughout the week
Do I think I'll eat 5 dozen eggs?  Probably not - But I bet I'll eat 6 per day or about 3.5 dozen.

6 per day @ 90 calories per egg would be 540 calories at a cost of approximately 50 Cents per day

Lets break it down on a per egg basis.

  1. $1.00 per dozen is 8.3 Cents per egg.
  2. Each egg gives me 90 calories 
  3. So the cost per 100 calories will be about 9.25 Cents.

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  1. Hi there! Anita from Had to stop by after seeing your comment over at praugstepchild.

    We eat a lot of eggs at our house for the exact same reason - they're cheap and healthy. Between myself and 2 kids, we go through 5 dzn easily in a week.

    Yes, we should be clucking by now... ;-)

    Costco is a good place to pick those us (1.49/dozen if bought in the 5 dozen packs). On the weeks I can't get to Costco and they're not on sale anywhere else, I'll pick them up at Target for 1.69. (Yes, Target, the discount department store. Crazy huh?)