Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gotta Include Mayonnaise

I like Hellmann's Mayonnaise.  I know some of you will scold me for not making my own, but I really prefer the taste of Hellmann's to any that I have tried to make myself.

Ok, without getting to technical and complicated, Giant Eagle has Hellmann's Mayonnaise on sale for 2.50 each this week and if you buy $20.00 dollars worth you get $7.00 off.  Under their shopping rules, I need to buy 5 of them to reach $20.00.

Total out of pocket would be as follows:  5 x 2.50 = 12.50 - $7 off = 5.50 - 5 x $1 off coupon = .50 for 5  30 ounce jars of Hellmann's Mayonnaise

I took this picture before I found out I needed a 5th coupon.  I have since downloaded and printed another 2 coupons.

So as you can see [just take my word for it]  The Mayonnaise is for all intense and purposes FREE.

I generally have two tablespoons of Mayonnaise per day in my diet.  They add 180 calories of good fats to my diet and are a very inexpensive source of calories.

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